Why Wait?

Do it. 

So here I am again. Almost two months have gone by and I haven’t dedicated any more time to this blog until now. Life is definitely catching up with me as I feel the clock ticking away. Every time I come back here to post something I see the countdown I created knock another month off and the panic starts to set in. I try to keep my anxiety at ease by reminding myself that I need to just do it.

I’m starting to sound like an overdone ad for Nike, but it works. When I have those overwhelming moments where everything seems like too much and I doubt myself, I have to stop and say “just do something, anything!”. Any step towards getting myself where I want to be is a step in the right direction. Wasting my time worrying about it is a step in the wrong direction, so I am trying my best to train my brain to do it, whatever it is in those moments where I am completely freaking out.

So what am I doing? Since this blog is meant to recap all of my adventures before, during and after the biggest trip of my life, I guess I should recount what it is I am actually doing to prep for it.

  1. Turning people down when they ask me to go out which costs money I should be saving. This one is really hard and is weighing on me so much, mainly because I just started being really strict about it and everyone tries to guilt trip as soon as I say “no”. I am also trying to be healthier and 99% of the time when I am asked to go out it involves drinking. Really not trying to support my bad habits with money I should be saving, but damn I love partying with my friends (*desperately tries to remind self that is it worth it and there will always be friends to drink with*)
  2. Collecting information about where I want to go, what I want to see, what the culture is like, studying languages, talking to other travelers and reading other blogs. This is honestly the fun part for me. I really enjoy learning more, and it’s almost like a black hole of information where the more I look the more I find with seemingly no end in sight. Narrowing down the places I want to visit is going to be the hard part
  3. Planning ahead for things I will need to sell, bank accounts and credit cards I need to establish, where I will stay before I leave, where I will stay when I return…you know…the little things (*cringes thinking of everything left to do*). This part is also kind of fun since I love to organize and plan things, but this is where I have a lot of self-doubt and need to just trust myself that everything will come together as long as I keep putting in the effort.

All in all, I am crazy excited about the future and I can’t wait to flip my world upside down with this once-in-a-lifetime adventure. Hopefully I will get better at this blogging thing, but I know I just have to remind myself to stop stressing about stuff I am not doing, and just do it.

Author: The Wandering Moth

On a mission of discovery, aiming to remember in every moment that life is a journey.

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