The American Way

I want to start off by noting how surprised I am that “Americanize” is a proper verb. I thought I was making it up when I wrote this, but apparently not which actually helps support my cause for this post. I want to talk about “The Ugly American”. You may have heard this expression before, and as someone who sees the ugly of America in so many things, I understood the term long before I started traveling to other countries. It wasn’t however until I stepped outside the U.S. that I realized just how obnoxious most Americans tend to come off! Continue reading “The American Way”

Notice the Difference

In my wandering, I’ve noticed many things about Europe that differ from the daily life I’m used to in the United States. I started putting together a list because I didn’t want to forget the extreme and the slight but fascinating variations in culture. I am sure there will be many more differences for me to acknowledge as I continue along, but here is what I have gathered so far.

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Fake It Till You Make It

It’s been nearly a month since I started my backpacking journey, and I can say with complete certainty that some days are much easier than others. I’m currently making my way through Spain, which funny enough will probably be the most difficult country I’ll travel in while touring Europe. Not only because it’s one of the first countries I’ve backpacked through, alone, where the common language is not English, but also because I am learning how to get around using only public transportation; something that is seriously lacking where I’m from in South Florida. My last couple weeks in Spain have also made me realize that I think we all have our ideal concept of what traveling will be like, but the reality comes with a lot of the same frustrations as sedentary life.

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Beginning the Journey

So, I’ve finally begun my long awaited journey! It’s been exactly 20 days since I left my home, family and friends in South Florida with a one way ticket to London, and I couldn’t be happier with my decision.

I’ve touched the Druidic stones of Avebury, marveled at the Roman architecture of Bath, kissed the Blarney Stone in Cork, hiked the Cliffs of Moher and Giant’s Causeway, walked the city streets of Belfast, Edinburgh and Stirling, took a trip back in time at the Beatles museum in Liverpool, and saw pretty much every sight you could possibly hope to see in the heart of London. My soul is absolutely teeming with gratitude for everything I’ve experienced so far, and that is really just the tip of the iceberg in my grand European tour.

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Things People Say When…

10 Things People Say When You’re Planning A Trip To Europe

Now that I’ve told all my friends, family and coworkers that I am taking off on the adventure of a lifetime to backpack across Europe all by my (not so) lonesome, I’ve noticed a pattern in the things people tell me. Here are the top 10.

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