True Self

Hide it.

It’s been a theme so far that I make one mediocre post on here every other month and then get lost in the craziness of life. This is much less than I hoped for but also more than I expected. Yay?

I want to share a little about my family and the fact that they have no idea I am planning to leave everything behind and jet off to another country in less than 90 days. Am I nervous about telling them? Completely…but it’s just not that time yet for many reasons.

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Why Wait?

Do it. 

So here I am again. Almost two months have gone by and I haven’t dedicated any more time to this blog until now. Life is definitely catching up with me as I feel the clock ticking away. Every time I come back here to post something I see the countdown I created knock another month off and the panic starts to set in. I try to keep my anxiety at ease by reminding myself that I need to just do it.

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Letting Go of Perfectionism

Screw it. 

When I started this blog, I was trying so hard to write in a specific (and conservative) style that I thought people would enjoy reading. However by forcing myself to write a certain way, I quickly started to loath the ritual of blogging which brought my blog posts to a screeching halt. I would edit my posts a thousand times, question myself, re-write posts entirely, and honestly was just spending way too much time refining everything to be “perfect”.

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